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Medium Duty Flatbed and Tipper Trucks

Ford Tipper 3IVS Medium duty flatbed and tipper trucks provide the versatility required to accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes, including bricks, stone, debris, dirt, pipe, lumber, logs, industrial tools and heavy equipment.

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Product Details

  • Selecting the right vehicle is vital; you need a vehicle that can stand up to your payload and work environment while also keeping operating costs within your budget. Plus, you may benefit from modifications and upfits customized for your flatbed or tipper needs.
  • Selecting a chassis manufacturer without consulting an experienced commercial vehicle upfitter can result in more difficult (and expensive) upfits and a vehicle that is not properly optimized for the job.
  • Innovative Vehicle Solutions will help you select the right vehicle, based on our extensive experience with leading providers including Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford F250 and F350, Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM 1500, 3500, Promaster and more.
  • When you need a tipper truck that also can be used as a general-purpose flatbed, the Scattolini Bison tipper body adds the convenience of three-way tipping – to the rear and to either side.
  • The Scattolini Kangaroo float body includes fasting points for tarpaulins plus in-bed integrated load lashing rings made to DIN 75410 standards, as well as low, opening rear and sideboards.
  • Optional accessories include removable hoops and tarpaulin, toolbox and ladder racks.
  • The Scattolini Bison three-way tipper bed accommodates loads up to 4,000 pounds, DIN 75410-standard lashing rings, and PVC toolbox, and is designed to incorporate optional proximity sensors for obstacle warning.
  • Whether you select a flatbed or tipper truck, the result is a highly versatile commercial vehicle capable of a wide variety of general purpose or industry-specific assignments.
  • Use of strong, lightweight materials reduces infrastructure weight so you can carry more revenue-generating payload.
  • The versatility of IVS medium-duty Tipper and Float/Flatbed trucks makes them a vital part of truck fleets across many industries, including transportation, construction, contracting, landscaping and manufacturing.

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