Custom Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing

Employee Team Work IVS has robust custom commercial vehicle manufacturing capabilities in-house that turn plans into prototypes and production vehicles. Whether you need a single custom commercial vehicle or an entire fleet, we have the skilled professionals and the agility to handle all phases of fabrication and manufacturing.

By doing the work in-house we achieve seamless integration with IVS Engineering from the first day. We include special equipment requirements into our manufacturing processes, including any tooling needed to produce custom-made parts.

Our goal of continuous improvement drives us to simplify production and eliminate any steps that don’t provide value to you. This puts our custom commercial vehicle manufacturing processes in sync with the highly-specialized, exceptionally-efficient products we manufacture.

IVS builds on light- and medium-duty truck chassis to reduce operating, maintenance and labor costs. The result is substantial savings over the lifetime of the vehicle and lower cost of ownership than one-size-fits-all commercial vehicles.

Our skilled manufacturing teams set IVS apart from our competitors. We have the training and experience that enables flexible production schedules that we can ramp up or down to meet your business needs. The exciting and empowering culture at IVS attracts and retains top talent that delivers the vehicles you count on to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

Call Innovative Vehicle Solutions today at 1-844-WE-UPFIT (1-844-938-7348) to discuss how our consultative approach to custom commercial vehicle manufacturing capabilities can meet your most demanding needs for specialty vans and commercial vehicles built on light duty and medium duty commercial trucks chassis.