Better Together

IVS is a family-first, fast-paced, solution-oriented team, collaborating to design, engineer, and implement innovative vehicle modifications. Our team is comprised of deep technical experience combined with high energy and enthusiasm, bringing fun and ingenuity to each project from conception to execution. Every member of our team has an important role; each being an integral piece of the transformation puzzle. From the person with the idea, to the one securing the final bolt, no one person is unessential. As one harmonious unit, we are able to skillfully achieve what we set out to do.


Our Promise to Our People

At IVS we provide a safe, zero tolerance environment for all our team members. Not only do we support inclusivity, rather it is expected as we work to ensure that everyone in our organization is treated with respect, kindness, and professionalism. The work we do at IVS allows our team members to leave each day knowing they have been a contributor to innovative creation and purpose. With career path opportunities and a family-first mindset, we are committed to creating an atmosphere where our people know they are valued as more than their job title, but also for who they are.



We strive to ensure that each of our team members is equipped with the tools needed to achieve total well-being; to be the best version of themselves not only at work, but also at home. Our benefits program offers a range of health and wellness plans as well as paid time off and childcare allocation for those who qualify.

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