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Demountable Swap Body Commercial Trucks

Swap Body & Truck Demountable swap body commercial trucks provide flexible trucking solutions that save time and improve profitability. Operators worldwide are using medium duty trucks with interchangeable, pre-loaded truck bodies to haul big loads without the need for expensive big trucks and CDL drivers.

Innovative Vehicle Solutions has improved the demountable swap body concept with interchangeable truck bodies made of lightweight, high-strength extruded materials that enable operators to carry less structure and more payload. Furniture stores, beverage distributors, waste haulers, building trades, government and municipal services are only a few of the beneficiaries.

IVS swap bodies can be deployed or docked in seven minutes, which means less down time and more trips. The internal pneumatic system raises and lowers the container onto its own retractable legs, without the need for external lifting devices. The legs drop and retract vertically, so drivers need only eight inches of clearance between truck bodies at warehouse and retail store docks.

IVS partners with leading companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Arab Emirates to ensure we continue to use the best technologies and methods for our demountables and other custom commercial vehicle solutions. We use this “think tank” approach to help Pepsico and other leading brands, as well as agencies of the United States Government, increase operating flexibility and effectiveness.

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