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Work Van Upfit

Ranger Shelving IVS designs and builds custom Work Van Upfits for the specific needs of tradesmen including contractors, carpenters, mobile services, plumbers, electricians, HVAC service and installation professionals and others.

We install rugged, lightweight custom or modular storage, including shelving, bins, racks, hooks, drawers and dividers with floor plans designed for performance and efficiency.

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Product Details

  • Companies using older upfitted work vans are discovering that keeping their old vans is actually more expensive than upgrading them because of the lower operating costs and increased operational flexibility offered by newer, custom-upfitted work vans.
  • Owner/operators and fleet managers have many options for commercial vehicles, but making the wrong choices can be costly.
  • Work van upfits on contemporary vans such as Daimler Sprinter, Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Chevrolet Express Cargo Van offer greater flexibility in length and height, with multiple configurations to meet the needs of many different types of businesses.
  • Upfits feature custom designed or pre-assembled modules made to OEM specifications.
  • IVS will provide a complete turn-key work van or a fleet solution that your technicians can customize to personal preference.
  • Floorplans designed to make the most efficient use of storage and work space.
  • Custom flooring, including vinyl, steel and aluminum, based on your requirements to stow tools, batteries and parts.
  • Quiet ride – storage units are designed to secure cargo safely and minimize noise from cargo shifting.
  • Ranger Design Proline aluminum components provide the toughest and quietest lightweight products available, while Ranger Fleetline steel storage offers a rugged, quiet low-cost option.
  • IVS is a certified Daimler-Benz Sprinter Van Master Upfitter.
  • Highly efficient work van with operator-friendly design for increased operational effectiveness and driver satisfaction.
  • You get optimum performance, safety, work space, and storage room to carry more, while making fewer trips.
  • Tough, lightweight components, combined with newer and larger fuel-efficient cargo vans reduce operating costs.
  • Modular components allow for simplified reconfiguration, if needed; custom-made components designed for your most specific needs.
  • We designed and built work van upfits for your unique requirements, no matter what type of business.
  • We designed and built work van upfits for your unique requirements, no matter what type of business.

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