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Security Scanner Van

Mobile Scanner Diagram Security Scanner Vans, offered through IVS’s sister company MSS North America, provide government and corporate physical security professionals the much-needed capability to establish security checkpoints anywhere for fast screening at public events, small airports, outside venues and other locations.

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Product Details

  • Escalating terrorist threats worldwide have created serious challenges for security professionals tasked with ensuring public safety at events that draw large crowds, such as sports venues, political rallies, and celebrity appearances.
  • Terrorists study target areas and make note of security checkpoint locations, while many venues have no fixed security facilities, which requires renting scanning equipment and setting up temporary facilities to scan for weapons, explosives and drugs.
  • Scanner vans make it possible to establish airport-level screening at any location in less than five minutes to provide unannounced primary or supplemental security screening.
  • IVS Security Scanner Vans, built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis, provide walk-through scanning, as well as connections for external mobile scanners, and pass-through package screening.
  • IVS has partnered with HARTMANN Spezialkarosserien GmbH, a German high-end security solutions integrator with particular expertise in mobile screening technology.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are available in different sizes to accommodate a variety of Scanner Van configurations.
  • Basic equipment includes Walk-though Metal Detector (WTMD), uniSCAN® X-Ray luggage scanner, liquid explosives detector or a desktop trace detector, and GEUTEBRÜCK G-SIM Security Management Software.
  • Equipment options include Millimetric Wave Person Scanner, handheld metal detector, video security system, Gamma radiation detection systems, passport and fingerprint reader, Integrated GEUTEBRÜCK Facial Recognition, and ANSI 23.17-2009 certified uniSCAN® X-Ray Body Scanner.
  • Vehicle options include Mercedes-Benz Defense-made military-grade Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), Turbo Retarder Clutch (TRC) or customized high-protection armoring (STANAG 4596).
  • IVS Security Scanner Vans provide scalable, customizable solutions for mobile physical security professionals to establish security screening where none exists, or to augment existing facilities.
  • Because of fast deployment capabilities, scanner vans provide unmatched flexibility to arrive at the last minute and establish security checkpoints to thwart terrorist access plans.
  • Complete vehicle maintenance is available at Mercedes-Benz certified service locations worldwide.
  • Physical security professions can establish or augment security quickly and efficiently screening at events and venues of all types, including courthouses, prisons, VIP/political events, concert venues, national borders, transportation hubs, hotels, cruise ships and many others.

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