Custom Commercial Vehicle Consulting

Custom commercial vehicle consulting is the essence of Innovative Vehicle Solutions. We build long-term relationships with our clients because we take the time to listen and learn.

We listen as you describe a transportation issue that challenges your business, and learn how you would like to solve it with a type of commercial vehicle not currently available anywhere. Then, we work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Our consultative style weaves carefully through the stages of Design, Prototyping, Implementation, Scalability, Quality, and Service that define our solutions-based approach. We interact with you continuously, calling on more than three decades of custom commercial vehicle consulting, imaginative engineering, and custom manufacturing experience.

The Walt Disney Company coined the word “imagineering” to describe the combination of imagination and engineering involved in conceiving, designing and building theme parks and attractions. We wish we had thought of it, because “imagineering” describes perfectly what IVS does to develop innovative approaches for specially-equipped commercial cargo vans, box trucks, dump trucks and flatbed trucks.

Call Innovative Vehicle Solutions today at 1-844-WE-UPFIT (1-844-938-7348) to begin the custom commercial vehicle consulting process regarding your requirements for specialty commercial vehicles built on light duty and medium duty truck and cargo van chassis.