NAPS Sidewalls with Europal Execution

This product is suitable for parcel service, jumbo transport, horse transport or a mobile workshop.

Dry box in 17mm of the most durable polypropylene honeycomb core on the market, the Europal design

is the benchmark for weight savings and durability. EUROPAL execution, assembly by bonding with no

visible mechanical fixings on the outside.

  • Range: GVW 6,5 ton ratings max Logo-EN-12642-XL
  • Family: 14, 17 or 20 mm FRP panels
  • Ex√©cution: EUROPAL
  • Ext. length: 1 500 to 6 000 mm
  • Ext. width: 2 350 mm max.
  • Internal height: 2 350 mm max. with top in combination with tail-lift and 2 400 mm max. with 2 barn doors.